Ngukurr Training/ Tech Trip

Ngukurr Training/ Tech Trip

On the 12th of January 2017 Kyle Travelled from Darwin to Katherine and then flew via Katherine Aviation to Ngukurr, due to localised flooding and the Roper river being up, flying was the only option to reach the community.

On Arrival is was noted that all services are up and running correctly, the local/TEABBA service running on 101.3FM, Triple J 98.1FM and ABC RR on 104.5FM.

Once technical aspects had been completed with a screen replacement, mixer setup and music upload to the database, Keith Rogers was itching at the bit to start broadcasting locally.

Training was completed on the entire system including, introduction & Operation of broadcast software, introduction to hardware maintenance & technical aspects of the transmission equipment and broadcasting.

Keith is now confident and eager to broadcast his weekly daily shows and provide the community with deadly tunes.

Make sure you keep an ear out for Keith Rogers on 101.3FM Ngukurr as he is sure to be broadcasting on the TEABBA footprint soon!

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