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The Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association – TEABBA – was formed by Top End community members who recognised the need to encourage and assist the development of local broadcasting and information services at all remote communities, using the newly installed broadcasting equipment provided by the government under the BRACS (Broadcasting Remote Aboriginal Community Scheme) project. Today ‘BRACS’ are known as ‘RIBS’ (Remote Indigenous Broadcast Service).

It was envisaged the association would also act as the authorised representative and negotiator on behalf of communities with BRACS broadcast installations and other media associations in the Top End. The inaugural meeting was held at Kakadu in June 1989, and  from that meeting a committee was elected and a membership set up with representation from all the major communities in the Top End. The association was incorporated on 10 October 1989, under the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1972.

TEABBA, is a non for profit Organisation whose Project Objectives are to provide operational support for the 29 remote Indigenous broadcasting units in Aboriginal communities across the Top End of Australia. These Units are called Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services (RIBS). These units house radio equipment. These services are available through a satellite system. Most RIBS have an operator who does local radio shows in their community. These shows are often in the local language, relaying community announcements, interviewing visiting Government departments, announcing the weather and involving the school children.

Most of these communities also have the ability to patch into the TEABBA Network allowing the RIBS operator to broadcast to the 29 Remote Communities across the Top End of Australia. These Network shows are hosted in English and local language. Some of these shows are used for National and International distribution.

Mission Statement

The Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association as the representative media association of remote Top End Aboriginal communities exists to reflect and promote Aboriginal language and actively encourage cultural maintenance.

To develop, promote and assist Top End Aboriginal communities in the networking, production and communications of Programs and Ideas on a Regional, National and International forum using all available and emerging broadcast technology.


To develop a vibrant network that allows Indigenous people in remote communities the opportunity to create, maintain and appreciate their language and culture through the use of broadcast technology, while informing and delivering relevant issues that shape their positions in the wider community.