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2016-2017 TEABBA Board

Paulina (Jedda) Puruntatameri

(Chair Person)

Jedda, is a Tiwi Islands lady from the Pirlangimpi (Garden Point) Community, on Melville Island, within the Tiwi Islands Regional Council.









Jedda, has been an outstanding advocate for her community, her people and has contributed to the Remote Indigenous media industry of Australia for many years, participating and contributing to remote Indigenous media in both radio and film. This also included some important historical work for the Munupi Arts Centre, with their digital archiving project for the Centre’s art collection.

In her many years within Indigenous media, she has been a TEABBA Board member and is currently the TEABBA Chairperson. Her work has ensured our RIMO continues to develop, Jedda has also given her time to other Indigenous Boards and Organisations.

Jedda has directed two short documentaries “One Tree One Man” in Yarning Up 1 and “The Bombing of Darwin” in Yarning Up 3. This series was a compilation of support from Screen Territory, Screen Australia, ABC TV, and NITV. These short stories have been screened in several Film Festivals worldwide.   Film Directing has certainly showed her talent and skills in this field.

Jedda was also the recipient of the Preston Award at the 2012 National Remote Indigenous Media Festival. Jedda was also the recipient of the Mr Garawirritja Memorial Award for Contribution to Media, Entertainment and the Arts in 2016 at the National Remote Media Festival in Yirrkala.

Overall Jedda has a vibrant, welcoming personality and is very popular throughout the industry.  .Jedda is very strong on being involved and pushing for training for the people of her community, and assists wherever she can for their career pathways.. , Jedda, has a strong media vision, of what TEABBA was and what TEABBA should be today.



Delma McCartney
Barunga Community , Roper Gulf Regional Council








Delma is a long-time member of TEABBA, and was recently voted in as a Board Member. She has also been a BRAC/RIBS operator in the Barunga Community. Delma has contributed within the Board meetings and is conscious of continuing the objectives of TEABBA, so the Organisation continues and has a sustainable future.


Barbara Yantarrnga
Umbakumba Community, Groote Eylandt, East Arnhem Regional Council








Barbara is new to the TEABBA Board of Directors, as of the last voting year, but has been a member for over 12 years now and was the long-time BRACS/RIBS operator of Umbakumba Community on Groote Eylandt. She has since stood aside from BRACS  for the younger members of the community to get involved.


Gilbert Walkuli

Ramingining Community

TEABBA AGM 2010 (64)









Gilbert Walkuli Has been a part of the media sector since 1993 when it was formally known as BRACS (Broadcast Remote Aboriginal Community Scheme) Gilbert Walkuli Broadcasts from a community called Ramingining, which is situated 560 km east of Darwin, Each Wednesday, is RIBS day on the TEABBA Network in which Gilbert Walkuli broadcasts regularly from 10am until 12pm, and has been doing so since he first began his walk in the media industry, which is roughly 23 years of knowledge.

During Gilberts RIBS shows he brings his fresh unique style of broadcasting in English and Language, the language Gilbert speaks is Goomuj and Gupapuyngu. During his program you will find a jam-packed show with a wide range of Music catering to all listeners with his own station ID’s and Promos, depending on what is happening and going on in the Community of Ramingining you will find that Gilbert covers all of these Events

For those who don’t know Gilbert goes on the TEABBA network every Wednesday he also broadcasts locally at the Ramingining RIBS with pre-producing his show before going Live to Air, Not only is Gilbert a Broadcaster he is a Community Member for the Regional Council. Gilbert will engage with the community on local information with the Traditional Owners of Ramingining on relevant content in community for example meetings, ceremonies, sports etc.… not only in English but in local Language which is Goomuj and Gupapuyngu, Gilbert has interviewed a number of politicians and people visiting community on several occasions and continues to be an outstanding Broadcaster.

Sam Bush Blanasi

Beswick Community, Roper Gulf Regional Council

(Public Officer)

AGM FEB 2012 112 (1)









Sam is from the Beswick Community, he is also a Founding member of TEABBA from it’s inception back in 1989.

He has been on the TEABBA Board most of this time and has held positions within, such as Chairperson, and Public Officer.

Sam is the current Chairperson of the Northern Land Council, and a Director of the Imparja as a TEABBA Representative.

Sam is a strong advocate for his Community, highlighting important issues and being proactive against Domestic Violence and Petrol Sniffing for safer communities.

John Wilson
Peppimenarti Community, West Daly Regional Council

JohnJohn  is a member of the Wilson Family from Peppimenarti.  John has been a member of TEABBA for many years, and in recent years has been an active board member, following in the footsteps of his older brother Harold who was a previous Chairman, and their father Mr H Wilson Senior who was a founding member of TEABBA.


Malcolm Wilson
Milikapiti Community, Tiwi Island Regional Council 








Malcolm has recently been acknowledged as an Indigenous Film Director, having successfully pitched two film stories to ABC TV for the Yarning Up Series: ’10 Wives’ in Series 2 in 2009 and ‘The Tiwi and The Dutch’ in 2011. Both of these short stories have been screened in various film festivals around the world. Prior to this, Malcolm was the Milikapiti RIBS operator, but now concentrates more on his film making. Being a long time member of TEABBA, and always proactive and reliable towards the future of TEABBA, he was voted in as a Board member by his fellow members and has done his role well for several years now.