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Don Baylis

General Manager

Don joined TEABBA in 2000 initially as a Bookkeeper, eventually taking on the role of General Manager in 2007. Long time TEABBA Radio listeners might remember ‘Don’s Classic Gold and Beyond’, a popular radio show that was also networked nationally and broadcast 2002-2005.

The two biggest influences on me joining TEABBA were Mr Garawirrtja and Mr Wunungmurra. Real characters. We are a pretty close network and what opportunities we get we try and share amongst our communities. We are always looking for ways to improve our working relationships on the ground in our communities and encourage local community members to be more involved

We have a very positive and pro active Board. I’m looking forward to the next chapter with all the changes in Indigenous media. The Board has a lot of experience now and are focused on our future. Along with our RIBS, we’re looking forward to converting to digital and aspiring to be involved with all aspects of new media.

Robyn Regattieri

Finance Office Manager Robyn has been with TEABBA since 2001 and holds CERT IV in Business Administration, Training and Assessment (TAE) and Project Management. I love working with the communities, and everyone at TEABBA is like a family. I look after the financials, employment, staff travel and projects. I am constantly looking for ways to improve our systems. I’m here because of the communities, to support the work they do out there. I’m looking forward to retiring in a few years and would like to train Indigenous school leavers and adults.

 Lee Hewitt

 Station Manager/Marketing

 Lee has worked with TEABBA since 2006, holds Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Screen and Media and Project Management.

I am from Darwin and my mother is from Broome WA and my Dad from a place called Bulgul North Perin Island in the NT.

I have been working in media at TEABBA Radio for about 10 years; I actually started out as the receptionist but had the opportunity to learn the panel and what actually happened down the back of the office. I found out how exciting working in media was and being able to actually do my own show was amazing! As you can see, I fell in love with the studio then they couldn’t keep me out. So I was offered a job in broadcasting and that’s how my journey started.

The thing I most enjoy about my job is travelling out to remote Indigenous communities and being invited by Community is the best feeling, not to mention meeting new people but being able to teach them my knowledge and experiences in broadcasting and leaving a community knowing that I have shared my passion for media with them.



Bernard Namok Jnr (aka Bala B)

Senior Broadcaster Originally from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, Bernard spent 18 months as a RIBS Operator in Maningrida before joining the TEABBA team in Darwin in 2009.  Bernard broadcasts during the week on Morning with Bala B and on Friday nights he plays the Party Mix. In 2010, Bernard won the NAIDOC Youth of the Year Award for the Top End. He is also a previous recipient of the Koori Mail Scholarship and Bernard received a Diploma In Broadcasting from Batchelor College. He enjoys getting out to the RIBS communities to run training workshops or host live broadcasts (OBs) at festivals. Bernard’s father, Bernard Namok Snr designed the Torres Strait Islands flag.

Kyle Doevendans

Technical Services Kyle has worked with TEABBA since 2008 and is responsible for maintaining 29 remote RIBS across the Top End. He loves getting out and visiting communities where he is often troubleshooting or installing equipment or helping set up live broadcasts. He keeps in contact with community RIBS operators and is often their point of contact in the office to connect them to the network when they want to dial in. Kyle also runs Hip Hop workshops in schools and is part of the Northbound Records Krew. You can visit their Facebook page here.

Lorraine Rogers


Lorraine Rogers has been with TEABBA since 2012 and is our Casual Broadcaster who presents the ‘Just Country’ Show between 12pm and 1pm Monday to Friday. Lorraine also does a weekend ‘Country’ program.  Lorraine really loves her country and is very popular with our listeners, and every one loves her ‘YEE HA! Just Country’.  Her vast collection of old country music is amazing.

Lorraine first started at TEABBA as a volunteer, and it was obvious she just loved radio and being a part of the team. Communities are always ringing in to say hello and ask her to play requests for them. In her time with TEABBA, she has actively participated in several Outside Broadcasts and functions as part of the TEABBA media team..

Lorraine Rogers


Brendon Barlow

Multimedia, Producer Brendon Barlow has been with TEABBA since 2014 but has previously worked at TEABBA Radio. Brendon is born and bred in Darwin but his family is from the Cairns area all the way to Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. He says he will never forget where his heritage came from but considers himself a proud Territorian. Brendon started his career from 1992 studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Education also working as a tutor in many schools around Palmerston. He was previously working at TEABBA Radio in the old studios in the Rapid Creek Shopping Centre and when TEABBA moved to Dickward Drive in Coconut Grove. Brendon started his TEABBA journey as a trainee technician and then moved onto broadcasting. After several years of deadly broadcasting brendon had the opportunity to help troubled school students again by going back to tutoring. From there Brendon went to work in his family business for 13 years. Brendon had another great opportunity to come back to the TEABBA family after going through a very tough time. Brendon is the new Producer/ broadcaster at TEABBA now in Pinelands. Brendon has already been given deadly jobs and training opportunities recently going to the AFTRS school in Sydney. He is looking forward to the many adventures TEABBA has to offer also inspiring the next generation through the power of Media.

Paul “Djolpa” Mckenzie
Radio Broadcaster
I was born in Darwin at the old Hospital I grew up in both Maningrida and Darwin, My tribe is Unburra and Nakara, Im also a musician & play in a band called WildWater, I started my band back in 1993 when I was 15 years old and we still are playing today,  when we find an opportunity to attend festivals and functions thats where you’ll find me. I was working at Maningrida BRAC’s for a few months and I had enjoyed being on the Radio, I was also willing to inspire my people to get into this type of work, everyone felt sad when I left Maningrida as they enjoyed the radio show I was doing. now that I’ve joined Teabba I am excited to get back into it, this will give me an opportunity to go out to communities and to do Radio Training with our Countrymen across the TEABBA footprint, I look forward to showcasing bands and interviewing artist from all over. and lastly I love the vibe at TEABBA everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Cyril Franey

Radio Broadcaster

“My name is TASK and I’ve been a performing Hip Hop around the country for over 15 years. I am one of the pioneers in underground rap in the NT and have worked tirelessly to promote the local Darwin and Alice Springs scenes since the early 2000’s. I have performed in almost every city in the country and continue to spread my music through the underground scenes therein. Working at TEABBA is awesome, as it gives me direct access to lovers of Hip Hop and the chance to potentially convert more listeners through my show ‘BEATS WITH TASK’…I am glad to be a part of the TEABBA family”

Zoe Russell


Zoe joined TEABBA in 2016 and is the first point of contact for all visitors and incoming calls.

I have lived in the NT since I was a young child and can not imagine anywhere else I would rather have grown up – living rural gave me so many opportunities to explore the diverse cultures Darwin has to offer. 

I have been working at TEABBA since early 2016 and love the closeness that the staff members all share – it feels as though you are with your second family when you start work every morning. 

Prior to TEABBA I have worked in various administration roles in the Top End but TEABBA is by far the best place I’ve worked. 

Dottie Daby

Admin Volunteer

I do a bit of voluntary work with TEABBA whenever they need an extra pair of helpful hands and have enjoyed this for about 10 years now. I find it very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. Seeing how much more is involved with a Remote Indigenous Media Organisation (RIMO). In return TEABBA staff, are always on hand to help me with my music for some of my performances for the Groovy Grans. 

I am also the founder of the Groovy Grans, which is a Senior Line Dancing Team that was set up with the aim of assisting the over 60’s enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. The Groovy Grans initiative is designed for healthy ageing. Most of the Groovy Grans have chronic health problems and dancing keeps them physically active and motivated. Dancing is a gentle exercise that not only tones muscles but also keeps the mind alert. The Groovy Grans are kept busy throughout the year with public performances. Functions of a senior level mainly are the target audience.

The Groovy Grans do dress-ups for most of their performances, and are kept busy throughout the year with about 26 shows during the year mainly for all the Nursing Homes. We do have younger people at our classes, but only the over 60’s do the public performances. The Groovy Grans have a great deal of fun, also keep fit and enjoy social interaction and companionship.