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April Pools Day – Water Safety is No Joke

In response to an alarming increase in the number of drownings in Australia, a coalition of like-minded organisations have pooled their resources to launch April Pools Day, a campaign squarely targeted at increasing CPR-preparedness in the community. Research carried out by Poolwerx, the architects behind April Pools Day found that 75% of Australians surveyed feel they do not have the necessary basic CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) skills to save a life in an emergency. Research has shown that a child is four times more likely to survive a drowning if their parents know CPR and start immediately. The aim of April Pools Day, supported by Laurie Lawrence’s “Kids Alive Do The Five” program and St John Ambulance, was to encourage Australians to stop kidding around and get serious about learning CPR and to make it easy for people to update these skills by giving them a refresher course on the basic skills for resuscitating babies, young children and adults. On April Pools Day on Friday 1 April, Laurie Lawrence, along with Poolwerx and St John Ambulance urge all Australians to visit the April Pools Day website www.aprilpoolsday.com.au and take the CPR refresher courses available.

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Remote NT Communities recieve Softball Training

The deadly crew from Softball NT made their way to the Tiwi Islands and met up with the Tiwi council sport and recreation team at Wurrumiyanga and trained them all in Scoring, Umpiring and Coaching. The Softball staff were surprised at the communities knowledge of the rules and their interest in the game. The Tiwi Islands have a rich softball history and it looks like the vibrant softball past will return to the Islands in the near future. On the second day Softball NT headed to , Wurrumiyanga Catholic school. Brett Toll Remote Program Development Coordinator said that the kids were some of the most engaged he had come across in his trips this year. “They picked up the game really quickly and loved it. It is said too often but the talent on the Tiwi islands is amazing”. The softball staff saw three PE classes. The kids were highly engaged and had a great time whilst brushing up on their skills and knowledge of the game. During the sessions two teachers were also accredited as Softball Umpires and Coaches adding to the softball resources now on the Tiwi Islands. Softball NT will return to the Tiwi Islands at the end of April to continue the supporting the regions softball aspirations.

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Warruwi has a new voice on the TEABBA Footprints

Many of you may know his voice from the band, B2M but Darren Narul is also the voice of Warruwi RIBS. Wednesday 2nd till Friday the 4th of March, TEABBA West Arnhem Rep Bernard Namok Jnr ‘Bala B and Brendon Barlow did a radio training with Darren Narul, getting to know his equipment and familiarising himself with the RIBS. Darren was taught the basic on-air, panel and building a show and done a 1 hour LIVE in Warruwi. During their trip in the remote community of Warruwi on Goulburn Island the crew did some amazing sightseeing and of course had to do a bit of fishing. They had a few bites and catches so all up was a very great training trip. Thank you to Warruwi community for allowing us on your land to do some media training, we look forward to more trips to Goulburn Island in the near future! When in Warruwi tune in to Darren Narul on 106.1FM      

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Be Crocwise

Saltwater crocodiles are an important part of the Northern Territory. They are an apex predator and influence the lives of many other animals. They are important to our economy as their presence in the environment provides for many jobs in the intensive animal husbandry and tourism industries. They are also of great importance to the culture of many Indigenous people across the Top End. Saltwater crocodiles pose a risk to people living in ‘crocodile country’. We need to Be Crocwise in areas where saltwater crocodiles live. Crocwise Fishermen: Stay vigilant for the presence of large saltwater crocodiles at all times. Do not sleep on their boat overnight or camp near the water's edge – Be Crocwise Do not clean fish or bleed fish in or near the water's edge or from their boat, as this may attract crocodiles. If you must clean fish out to sea, do so one kilometre off-shore Always remember, crocodiles are particularly common near boatramps. Take extreme care when launching and retrieving boats. Keep away from the water's edge and do not enter the water. Do not reach into the water to bring up a fish; they use a landing net instead. Remove all fish and food waste, which attract crocodiles. Are particularly careful if fishing at night Remember crocodiles are dangerous and attacks can be fatal. Remember crocodiles move around throughout the year. Always report problem crocodiles. The Be Crocwise awards celebrate schools and communities that have recognised the dangers that saltwater crocodiles pose and the steps they have taken to ensure that everyone in their community knows how to stay safe around Territory waterways while still ensuring the ongoing survival of one of the most important animals in our [...]

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National Ride2School Day 2016

Northern Territory students will embrace a fun and healthy start to their day by riding or walking to school as part of National Ride2School Day. Minister for Education and Transport Peter Chandler said students and their families are encouraged to get involved and choose an active form of transport today. “National Ride2School Day is a great way to keep fit and raise awareness about the benefits of active travel to and from school,” Mr Chandler said. “I am pleased that 18 schools across the Territory have registered to take part in this initiative that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for Australian children.” Ross Park Primary School in Alice Springs is one of the schools that will be taking part in this year’s initiative to promote cycling as a healthy way to get to school. Minister for Sport and Recreation Nathan Barrett said active transport, including cycling and walking, is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle among students and the wider school community. “Students that are able to exercise on their way to sch­­­­­ool arrive energised, alert and ready to concentrate in classes,” Mr Barrett said. “Choose to walk or ride to school with your friends and family, and build confidence and self-esteem along the way. “It’s a great way to get active and improves our health, the environment and our communities.” National Ride2School Day is also a platform to educate students on the importance of road safety for cyclists. “Educating our students on the safe behaviours for cycling on Territory paths and roads is of vital importance today,” Mr Chandler said. “Always remember to check your bicycle is in good working order, your helmet is secure and to cross roads using pedestrian [...]

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A new voice for Warruwi radio

Darren Narul is currently working with West Arnhem Regional Council to revamp the Indigenous Broadcasting Program in Warruwi, getting the station back on air and planning for a major re-launch in the community in April 2016. He says he is looking forward to his new role as a radio DJ after taking up the mic from broadcasting legend Solomon Imeraganyan, who retired from the position late last year. As a broadcaster, Darren’s interests extend far beyond music and radio, and he is keen to play a role in building stronger communities. To a large extent he has already achieved this through his work with B2M, a band that draws its name from the two largest Tiwi islands, Bathurst and Melville. His brother-in-law, Jeffrey Simon from the Tiwi Islands, formed the band in 2004. Back home on South Goulburn, Darren works on his laptop to create new songs, but also maintains a more timeless approach to making music. By maintaining a positive image of their people and culture through their music, Darren and the B2M members have accomplished what takes some bands a lifetime to achieve – role model status in their homelands and ambassadors to a broader Australian and international community. Darren will join with Minjilang  Local Radio presenter Matthew Nagarlbin Cooper for a two-day broadcasting workshop next week. The course will be conducted by Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association’s Bernard Namok Jnr – or ‘Bala B’ as he is known on the TEABBA airwaves  – in the Warruwi studio on South Goulburn Island. Warruwi Local Radio 106.1FM officially relaunches with a party in April, featuring live music, free giveaways, and a community barbecue. For more information or stories go to West Arnhem Wire  

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Northern Territory Battle of the School Bands

Established in 2009, Battle of the School Bands is a band competition for Northern Territory schools, which sees the winners play alongside international acts at the annual BASS IN THE GRASS music festival in Darwin. The Battle of the School Bands is open to middle and senior students (Years 7-12) enrolled in government and non-government schools. Students can enter as a part of a band, duo or soloist. To enter the competition you must complete an Expression of Interest Form and be eligible to perform at one of the school heats held in late March / early April. You and your band or duo will perform two original songs at your allocated school heat for the opportunity to earn a place in the final- during National Youth week in 2016. If you are from a remote school and cannot attend a school heat you can send a DVD of your performance. The dates and start times for each school heat are as follows: Katherine High School - Monday 7 March - 12:30pm Barkly Secondary College - Wednesday 9 March - 11:00am Centralian Senior College – Thursday 10 March - 12:30pm Nhulunbuy High School - Tuesday 15 March - 1:00pm Rosebery Middle School – Tuesday 22 March - 1:00pm Darwin High School – Friday 1 April 1:00pm Criteria used to shortlist bands for the final: Stagecraft Present a confident performance Maintain appropriate eye contact with the audience Interact effectively with the audience for the duration of the performance Interact cooperatively with other performers on stage (Soloist N/A) Acknowledge applause in a manner appropriate to the context with sensitivity to others. Originality Display facility with a range of techniques to control and enhance the song Musical elements and compositional techniques used appropriate [...]

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Brendon Barlow’s Training Adventure in the Red Centre

I cannot remember the last time I had the privilege to visit the great Australian Red Centre. In particular, the historical Alice Springs. An amazing town surrounded by the desert in all its unique beauty. To me the beauty lies in the way that the town seems to be built in and around the natural habitat. Surrounded by ancient vegetation that seems as though it has been there since the beginning of time. Flying in across the arid landscape. you get a sense of wonder as you look down on the majestic Macdonnell Ranges. The Ranges seem to spring from the desert floor reaching towards the sky. Standing tall against the flat desert, the truly spectacular colours continually change with the suns rise until it sets. Providing a visually stunning backdrop to a wonderful little part of Australia. The purpose of the trip was to obtain a certificate in Training and Assessment through the Batchelor Institute. Studying at the newly built Desert Knowledge precinct. Surrounded by the spinifex, Ghost gums and wildlife made for an interesting place to learn. I look forward to returning to this place that holds such spirituality. A spirit that seems to permeate the people and the landscape.

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TEABBA Community RIBS Comes Back To Life in 2016

The 2015 year was very exciting for TEABBA and will get even better during the 2016 year! Throughout 2015 TEABBA Techs Kyle Doevendans and Mick Cummings travelled to nearly all 30 Top End TEABBA RIBS communities to install or relocate new radio studios. The new equipment included new computers, chairs, headphones, microphones, stationary and portable recorders. During the second week of February 2016 TEABBA Crew Bernard "Bala B" Namok Jnr. and Brendon Barlow drove down to Katherine to catch a plane to the community of Yarralin. They had to stay the night in Katherine but the next day while flying over the beautiful top end landscape you could see all the hills and craters that have been there for thousands of years, it was amazing to see the land from high in the sky! Yarralin is a small community near Kalkarindji and during the wet season when the rain gets really heavy, the river behind the community fills up and makes an inland island in the middle of the Northern Territory, the whole river just surrounds the community and they have to wait until the water levels die down to go anywhere. During the TEABBA crews time at Yarralin two local fellas James and Ron had the opportunity to learn many new skills in their new RIBS Studio. They were taught how to use the computer and on air equipment, how to record interviews or promos, edit recorded content on adobe audition and getting them familiar with their new work environment. It was a great trip and both Bala B and Brendon enjoyed themselves especially for Bernard as this was his first time to Yarralin. They were only in Yarralin for the day so right [...]

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Barunga Training and LIVE Broadcast

28th – 29th January 2016 Barunga community kicked off the first RIBS training and LIVE outside broadcast for 2016. TEABBA Radio broadcasters, Bernard Namok Jnr (Bala B) and Thecla Brogan travelled down to Barunga to deliver a refresher course on the equipment’s, audio and recording with TEABBA RIBS operator, Delma McCartney. Last year the TEABBA crew were given the opportunity to travel out to RIBS Studios in remote communities to install new radio equipment and antennas. This year TEABBA is focusing on training indigenous people in their remote communities and creating job opportunities to keep their radio running. It was a good opportunity to gear up the outside broadcast equipment and get it going for this year's broadcast in communities for events and festivals. The LIVE Outside Broadcast was heard across the footprints on Thursday 28th January between 1pm – 2pm.  Driving down to Barunga in the beginning of the year was a first for both Bala B and Thecla, with all the recent rain everything looked very Green! The TEABBA crew usually are travelling to communities in the dry season around festival time, so during the dry they are used to seeing the sunburnt country along with a few burn offs here and there. After the training and broadcast on Thursday we decided to take a quick trip down to Mataranka to check out the hot springs. Unfortunately they both forgot to bring towel so they couldn't have a quick dip, but seeing the fruit bats flying everywhere was just as exciting! Thursday night we experienced a massive downpour of rain, thunder, and lightening and strong wind. Friday we took it easy from the Stuart Highway turn-off and driving along the Central Arnhem Highway the [...]

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