The month of September saw the TEABBA Network receive an invitation to attend the Wadeye music and sports festival. Always up for a challenge. Broadcasters Matty Hengder and DJB pack up our outside Broadcast truck. Miss Jedda and hit the track. The drive to the community is an interesting one. Once past the Nauwiyu. The bitumen ends and the fun begins. The track itself is dusty, rough and interesting to navigate. But an amazing and beautiful part of our great Northern Territory.

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The Cathy Freeman Foundation Horizons Group Visit TEABBA

TEABBA was proud to host a bunch of students from two Top End communities recently that took part in a tour of our radio broadcasting facilities, recorded some station promos and came in to the studio to have a chat live on air with our broadcasters, about.  The visit was organised by the Cathy Freeman Foundation, a program that helps broaden horizons and inspire Indigenous students to experience their full potential in school and with a vision to ensure that Indigenous and non-Indigenous children have the same education standards and opportunities in life.  TEABBA conducts many of these types of tours and activities for school organisations and we look forward to each and every visit.

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The 51st Anniversary Kalkaridgi Freedom Day

The communities of Dagaragu and Kalkaridgi hold a special place in Australian history. They are where the birth of Indigenous land rights all began. Thanks to the will and determination of a man by the name of Vincent Lingiari. Who having seen the inequality he and his people suffered. Said enough is enough and lead a walk off in protest to their conditions. This would later become known as the Wave Hill Walk off. And after a ten year long struggle. They were finally given back their homeland.  The month of August is the time the communities comes together to celebrate this historic and special occasion. The 51st Anniversary of the Freedom Day Festival. Joining in the festivities was TEABBA Broadcaster DJB who made the trek out along the Buntine Highway. Through amazing and wonderful country to the spiritual home of the Gurindgi people.

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National Indigenous Music Awards

Saturday 12th August 2017 Thousands of people gathered at the Darwin Amphitheatre for a night of music and TEABBA Radio was there to catch all the action on stage and the atmosphere of the crowd. 2017 was special for the TEABBA Crew, not only they were joined by guest broadcasters, Pam McAdam from CAAMA Radio and Gerry ‘G-man’ Lyons from 3KnD in Melbourne but ‘Ms Jedda’ made her debut at the NIMA’s this year. The crowd got treated to LIVE Music from deadly artist who have made their mark on the world stage. On the night; Troy Cassar-Daley, A.B. Original and Electric Fields all taking home major awards. To end the night, a touching tribute to Dr. G Yunupingu to remember his wonderful legacy including speeches and a music tribute to honour the Late Dr. G Yunupingu.

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On the road with Ms Jedda to Maningrida

Bernard Namok Jnr (Bala B) and Matty delivered RIBS Introduction to Radio Broadcasting to local man Hamish Garuwulgu.  The day started off by showing Hamish the switcher, radio studio equipment, playout system and was given a brief outline on how to do a local live to air show. After lunch TEABBA went live to air local and across the networks for 1hr with stories from the trip to Maningrida and awesome tunes, even had a few young people on air. Hamish also did a few pre-recording for the local Maningrida AFL Grand Final game on the Saturday 22nd July which was played as the opener for the broadcast. When in Maningrida, tune your radio to hear your local Voice in the Bush, Hamish and all the wonderful music on 106.1fm.

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Walking With Spirits 2017

‘Beswick Falls’ As the sunset and the amazing colours painted across Beswick Falls, hundreds were gathered on the white sand ready for a night of amazing music. Walking with Spirits was held over 14th and 15th of July in the community of Beswick (Wugularr) which is on the Central Arnhem Highway. The TEABBA Crew, Bernard Namok Jnr (Bala B), Brendon Barlow (DJ B) travelled down in Ms Jedda from Darwin and met with Mick Cummings and Kyle Doevendends who connected the technical side to the broadcast. The Crew met with Ronald Weetra (Beswick RIBS Broadcaster) and was joined by Paddie Madden (Barunga RIBS) and joined forces in broadcasting LIVE from Djilpin Arts and gather materials from Beswick Falls. Highlights was all the traditional songs from North East Arnhem Land and the wonderful drumming and singing from ‘RAKO PASEFIKA’ which are made up of singers and dancers from Rotuman and Tonga.  

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10th Anniversary of the CATSI Act

TEABBA staff along with broadcasting and training truck “Ms Jedda” attended the celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of the CATSI Act, on the lawns of the Museum and Art Galleries of the NT. With many Dignitaries and Indigenous organisations attending including the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Nigel Scullion, and on course the entertainment of “One Mob Dancers” and “Mary G” it was an outstanding celebration.  

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Converge National Media Summit 22nd-24th May 2017

TEABBA representatives attended the Converge National Media Summit held in Alice Springs from 22nd-24th May 2017.  The purpose of the conference was to set future direction of indigenous media industry. It was great to see so many indigenous organisations attend as well as catchup with many familiar faces of the industry. We got great messages from inspiring key speakers and were able to be involved with multiple workshops where we could pool together our ideas. It was a great way to collaborate with our media family.

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Batchelor Graduation – 15th June 2017

TEABBA Radio's Senior Broadcaster Bernard Namok and Station Manager Lee Hewitt attended The Batchelor Graduation on Friday the 16th June to present the Harry Wilson Memorial Award. A special congratulations to Rita Oui from Kuranda who won the award for recognition of an outstanding student in Certificate III in media. TEABBA Radio would also like to  Congratulate all that graduated on this special day.

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Barunga Festival 9th June -11th June 2017

The Barunga Festival was a jam-packed event full of Sport, Culture & Music on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend Friday the 9th of June -11th of June 2017.TEABBA would like to thank Skinny Fish Music for a great Festival & looking after the TEABBA Team, we have had another great broadcast with thousands of people tuning in via the TEABBA Network.With a fantastic music lineup, we heard the likes of Coloured Stone, Lorrae Coffin, Missy Higgins, B2M, Lonely Boy’s, Fred Leone, Mambali Band, Skinny Fish Sound System, Caiti Baker and Serina Pech, With many more performing TEABBA Radio was able to share this Talent throughout the TEABBA footprint. TEABBA Radio would like to thank all the Brother & Sister Stations Australia wide that took the TEABBA Network for this fantastic event on Community in the beautiful Roper Gulf Region of Barunga Community. And a special thanks to 3KnD for lending G man to be apart of the TEABBA team for this awesome broadcast.

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