Yarning Up series 1

Yarning Up Series 1 – One Man, One Tree

One tree, one man. There is only one remaining Tamarind tree left standing in the centre of Pirlangimpi, on the Tiwi islands. There is only one man left to tell its story. 90 year old Justin, elder and Master of Ceremony, is the last living link this community has to its centuries long history of trading goods, culture and even love with the seafaring Macassans. https://youtu.be/7W0jd_Q0cow […]

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Yarning Up series 1 – One river, all rivers

Arnhem land lawman Roy Moyngumbi receives a message from the crow spirit to stop the destruction and drainage of the river system. With time against him, he creates a Message Stick and hangs it as a prayer on a tree, in the hope it will be found.   https://youtu.be/ufqVB6Ic0XY […]

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