It is not everyday that history is made or you are invited to become apart of history in the making. TEABBA Radio were honoured to be apart of the 50th Wave Hill Walk off. A three day festival that is celebrated in the communities of Kalkaringi and Dagaragu. Filled with culture arts and music.. It was a great event that saw people from all corners of the country come together to remember the courage of one man and the leadership he had shown to his people, the Gurindgi. Mr Vincent Lingiari. A man who created Australian Landrights history.


The week started early for myself. Being asked to accompany TEABBA contract Technician Mr Mick Cummings out to community. This was to install a satellite dish and an antenna. Allowing for better radio reception in Dagaragu.

Things were made more exciting when the rest of the crew arrived. Bala B and Jason Tambling on board and prepared for the weekend ahead.


The festivals official start began on the Friday. Opening with speeches from the elders and traditional owners welcoming the crowds to their country. An amazing surprise was a visit from members of the Mabo family. A name well known in the fight for their homelands the Murray Isalnds. A land mark decision that saw the idea of Terra Nullias null and void. The welcome to country was followed by the march down to the Victoria River. A place where the Gurindgi people camped as part of their ten year struggle for recognition.


The Saturday and Sunday programs were full of interesting things to see and do. Book launches, art exhibitions, movie screenings, unplugged concerts and the very entertaining sports carnivals.


The evenings were filled with sounds of music as the Freedom Day stage came to life. What an amazing line of talented artists for many styles and genres. The odd change off program line-up added to the surprise factor, keeping the Broadcast crew on their toes.


My highlight of the festival was the appearance of the all stars. A band made up of all the performers. Singing the iconic “ From little things big things grow” as the fire works covered the night in bright colours. Making it truly memorable. However, my unforgettable moment came on the Sunday evening. As the concert was due to finish at 12 midnight, at exactly 11:30 a strong breeze had arrived bringing with it an unseasonal downpour. As crew member Jason Tambling put it. “ It’s as though Mr Lingiari said, alright you mob thanks for coming and celebrating. But I want to rest now. See you mob later. The more I think about it, the more it makes sence.


It was such an honour to be apart of the 50th Wave Hill Walk off and TEABBA Radio would like to thank all those who made it possible.

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