The month of March has been busy so far for TEABBA Radio Technicain Kyle Douvendans and Broadcaster DJB. First on the agenda was a trip to the communities of Kalkaringi and Yarralin. Leaving in the early morning sun light as the sun slowly rose across the lush green Territory. It was great to see the land which during the dry is brown and barren. Over flowing with precious life giving water flooding the creek and rivers. A truly awesome sight.


The purpose of the trip to Kalkaringi was to check the frequency of the local station as well as a maintenance check to see if everything is running smoothly. Once the Technical side was done it was time to train the newest member of the TEABBA Radio network. Dylan Miller. A bright young man who has shown a talent and enthusiasm for radio. As well as being on the airwaves. Dylan also found himself being interviewed by the NITV team from the show. Out Back Tracks. Radio and TV in one day. This is quiet a feat for some one just starting out in media.


Back on the plane it was a quick trip to Yarralin to conduct another maintenance check. And to visit Mr James Goodworth who is the local Broadcaster. TEABBA also presented James with a new digital recorder. This will allow him to get more stories and interviews. Allowing him to keep the community informed and entertained.