Converge National Media Summit 22nd-24th May 2017

TEABBA representatives attended the Converge National Media Summit held in Alice Springs from 22nd-24th May 2017.  The purpose of the conference was to set future direction of indigenous media industry. It was great to see so many indigenous organisations attend as well as catchup with many familiar faces of the industry. We got great messages from inspiring key speakers and were able to be involved with multiple workshops where we could pool together our ideas. It was a great way to collaborate with our media family.

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Batchelor Graduation – 15th June 2017

TEABBA Radio’s Senior Broadcaster Bernard Namok and Station Manager Lee Hewitt attended The Batchelor Graduation on Friday the 16th June to present the Harry Wilson Memorial Award. A special congratulations to Rita Oui from Kuranda who won the award for recognition of an outstanding student in Certificate III in media. TEABBA Radio would also like to  Congratulate all that graduated on this special day.

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Barunga Festival 9th June -11th June 2017

The Barunga Festival was a jam-packed event full of Sport, Culture & Music on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend Friday the 9th of June -11th of June 2017.TEABBA would like to thank Skinny Fish Music for a great Festival & looking after the TEABBA Team, we have had another great broadcast with thousands of people tuning in via the TEABBA Network.With a fantastic music lineup, we heard the likes of Coloured Stone, Lorrae Coffin, Missy Higgins, B2M, Lonely Boy’s, Fred Leone, Mambali Band, Skinny Fish Sound System, Caiti Baker and Serina Pech, With many more performing TEABBA Radio was able to share this Talent throughout the TEABBA footprint. TEABBA Radio would like to thank all the Brother & Sister Stations Australia wide that took the TEABBA Network for this fantastic event on Community in the beautiful Roper Gulf Region of Barunga Community. And a special thanks to 3KnD for lending G man to be apart of the TEABBA team for this awesome broadcast.

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The month of May saw the TEABBA Radio Network welcome   

O’ Louchlin College work experience students Logan Pavlovic and Mick Derrick. These two wonderful young men spent a week with the TEABBA Crew learning the art of on air Broadcasting. As well sound editing, interview preparation, playlist design. How to plan a radio show that is both entertaining and informative.  To gather information relevant to communities. Finally producing their own one hour how pre-recorded show.

 It was great to have these fine young gentlemen show a keen interest in broadcasting. Spending time with each of the TEABBA crew members. Logan and Mick spent time learning how the different Broadcasters prepared for their shows and how their personalities formed the basis of their programs. It was amazing that these two young men showed an ability to learn very quickly. Whether it was in theory or practical. TEABBA Radio was pleased to have these fine young gentlemen do their work experience with the Network. We wish them well for their future journey.

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A busy start to the month of April saw TEABBA Radio Technician Kyle Doevendans and Broadcaster DJB fly to the community of Wadeye to conduct a training session with the communities newest Broadcasters. Henry Narrwarr and Francisco Bunduck.  After a short flight, we arrived to beautiful dry season whether. A drop-in temperature and swarms of Dragon flies to welcome us.

After meeting the participants, it was time to get down to business. Learning how to plan and conduct a radio show based on the community and its people. The lessons began with an introduction to the studio.  Moving onto the occupational health and safety aspects of Broadcasting. Then came the fun part. Learning how to plan a show to Broadcast. This involved designing a playlist. The playlist is the music that will be played. Networking community organisations to become involved. Giving them the opportunity to get their messages out to the people of Wadeye.

I was personally surprised at the enthusiasm and the ability of both participants to learn at such fast pace. TEABBA Radio is pleased to welcome Henry Narrwarr and Francisco Bunduck to the network.

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The month of March has been busy so far for TEABBA Radio Technicain Kyle Douvendans and Broadcaster DJB. First on the agenda was a trip to the communities of Kalkaringi and Yarralin. Leaving in the early morning sun light as the sun slowly rose across the lush green Territory. It was great to see the land which during the dry is brown and barren. Over flowing with precious life giving water flooding the creek and rivers. A truly awesome sight.


The purpose of the trip to Kalkaringi was to check the frequency of the local station as well as a maintenance check to see if everything is running smoothly. Once the Technical side was done it was time to train the newest member of the TEABBA Radio network. Dylan Miller. A bright young man who has shown a talent and enthusiasm for radio. As well as being on the airwaves. Dylan also found himself being interviewed by the NITV team from the show. Out Back Tracks. Radio and TV in one day. This is quiet a feat for some one just starting out in media.


Back on the plane it was a quick trip to Yarralin to conduct another maintenance check. And to visit Mr James Goodworth who is the local Broadcaster. TEABBA also presented James with a new digital recorder. This will allow him to get more stories and interviews. Allowing him to keep the community informed and entertained.

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“TEABBA would like to acknowledge CAAMA and thank the CAAMA News team for their daily news service and look forward to their news update daily for 2017”.

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Tech & Training Trip Yirrkala

On the 03.02.2017 TEABBA Technical Coordinator Kyle Doevendans travelled with General Manager Don Baylis for a meeting with EARC member Barry Bonythus and to install a Codec tie-line enabling local RIBS operator Steven Maymuru to perform network shows across the TEABBA footprint. It was noted on arrival that there was no TEABBA service, this was due to a loose cord in the back of the rack, this was fixed and now the RIBS operator can switch between TEABBA and Local through the duration of the day. Steven is now ready to do network shows, he has an abundance of experience from over the years and has been live on 105.3FM Yirrkala, we are very excited to have Steven doing his shows across our footprint so make sure you tune into to catch his show!

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Tech & Training Tiwi Islands

On the 2nd of February 2016 Kyle Doevendans flew to Pirlangimpi (Garden Point) via Fly Tiwi to meet up with the new RIBS operator Joseph Burke for some basic training and do some trouble-shooting on reports no broadcast services were online.

This was marked down to weather at the time with both transmitters and decoders for both service’s running on arrival, however, the ABC RR transmitter was omitting low power, this was fixed by replacing the old SINT TX to a brand new stereo capable transmitter on the TEABBA service, which allowed the old TEABBA transmitter to become the ABC service. Cannon cables were installed to boost the now well running 98.5FM (Local/TEABBA)  service and with a new transmitter the 106.1FM ABC RR is now running at full capacity, insuring all emergency broadcasting services are obtainable from the community in the main concern time of the wet season. Tune into 98.5 FM in Pirlangimpi, TEABBA Radio (Your Voice in the Bush)

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Ngukurr Training/ Tech Trip

On the 12th of January 2017 Kyle Travelled from Darwin to Katherine and then flew via Katherine Aviation to Ngukurr, due to localised flooding and the Roper river being up, flying was the only option to reach the community.

On Arrival is was noted that all services are up and running correctly, the local/TEABBA service running on 101.3FM, Triple J 98.1FM and ABC RR on 104.5FM.

Once technical aspects had been completed with a screen replacement, mixer setup and music upload to the database, Keith Rogers was itching at the bit to start broadcasting locally.

Training was completed on the entire system including, introduction & Operation of broadcast software, introduction to hardware maintenance & technical aspects of the transmission equipment and broadcasting.

Keith is now confident and eager to broadcast his weekly daily shows and provide the community with deadly tunes.

Make sure you keep an ear out for Keith Rogers on 101.3FM Ngukurr as he is sure to be broadcasting on the TEABBA footprint soon!

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