Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business

On the 21st and 22nd of October 2013, the 6th Indigenous Economic Development Forum 2013 took place in Alice Springs at the Convention Centre. The whole event was well put together, fantastic venue and staff. The forum pulled many interested business minded Indigenous Organisations and individuals. Many various stalls in the business expo section, showcasing amazing art both painting and wood work, designer clothing (including safety equip) support groups, remote communities goods, Indigenous consultancies and much more.
Key note speakers were exceptional, as was the delegation speakers. The Networking and future business opportunities were also made easy and accessible. All who attended made full use of this proactive advantage.
CAAMA, did a live Outside Broadcast, through the conference progression, talking to many different organisational and agency representatives. Other Media reps also at the venue, included IMPARJA, and a Broadcasting Alliance stall, representing LARRAKIA TV, CAAMA, QRAM, GOOLARRI, NG MEDIA, & TEABBA to highlight the Indigenous Media sector.

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6th Indigenous Economic Development Forum (6)

6th Indigenous Economic Development Forum (4)

6th Indigenous Economic Development Forum (1)

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