On the 2nd of February 2016 Kyle Doevendans flew to Pirlangimpi (Garden Point) via Fly Tiwi to meet up with the new RIBS operator Joseph Burke for some basic training and do some trouble-shooting on reports no broadcast services were online.

This was marked down to weather at the time with both transmitters and decoders for both service’s running on arrival, however, the ABC RR transmitter was omitting low power, this was fixed by replacing the old SINT TX to a brand new stereo capable transmitter on the TEABBA service, which allowed the old TEABBA transmitter to become the ABC service. Cannon cables were installed to boost the now well running 98.5FM (Local/TEABBA)  service and with a new transmitter the 106.1FM ABC RR is now running at full capacity, insuring all emergency broadcasting services are obtainable from the community in the main concern time of the wet season. Tune into 98.5 FM in Pirlangimpi, TEABBA Radio (Your Voice in the Bush)